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Stuffed Mice and Stuffed Rats

You can get down from your chair, these are stuffed mice and stuffed rats, not real ones! A plush mouse or a plush rat isn't scary at all, in fact, they're quite adorable. You won't find these rodent stuffed animals running across your counter at night or rummaging through your cabinets looking for snacks. You might find a plush mouse in a box, however, if you order the wonderful Mice in a Box Puppet by Folkmanis. One thing is for sure, these plush mice and plush rats are much easier to catch and keep track of than real ones. The Plush Pack Rat Full Body Puppet is great for the stuffed rodent lover on the go and the Glow-Eyed Stuffed Rat by Wild Republic is a fun an unique plush rodent that will definitely help you see things in a different light. Now say 'cheese', a stuffed mouse or a stuffed rat is just a click away!
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