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Stuffed Lambs and Stuffed Sheep

We have a wonderful flock of stuffed lambs and stuffed sheep at Stuffed Safari. Many of the lamb stuffed animals have baby-safe embroidered features, play music, or are rattles. The sheep stuffed animals include some incredible lifelike stuffed sheep made by Hansa. Read more.
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Lamb and Sheep Stuffed Animals at Stuffed Safari

We carry several plush lambs with 'Jesus loves me' messages and a great variety of lamb baby blankets as well. Our lamb and sheep stuffed animals aren't just for babies though. We also have traditional lamb stuffed animals, like the Small Sitting Stuffed Lamb by Nat and Jules or Clementine the Plush Lamb by Douglas. There is a plush lamb or plush sheep here for everyone. To find out more about each stuffed lamb or sheep just click on its photo. Each stuffed animal has a detailed description that tells if it is musical and the song it plays, it's size, and other important things to consider when purchasing lamb and sheep stuffed animals. Call us with any questions about our stuffed lambs and sheep and we'll be glad to help you make your choice. We promise it won;t be a baaa-d one! Shop.