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Stuffed Chocolate Labs and Plush Chocolate Labs

Just so we're all on the same page, our stuffed chocolate labs and plush chocolate labs are not made of chocolate. They are chocolate lab stuffed animals. You can't eat them. You can hug them and love them but you can't eat them. You probably knew that already but did you know that these stuffed chocolate labs are amazingly adorable? Go ahead, scroll down and have a look. Am I right or am I right? Our selection of stuffed chocolate labs is not huge but it surely is packed full of great plush dogs. From Lil' Lucky the Stuffed Chocolate Labrador Retriever by Aurora to Cocoa the Plush Chocolate Lab Puppy Dog by Douglas and all stuffed chocolate labs in between, these plush labs are loaded with personality and are sure to please any person that prefers their plush labs like grandpa prefers his milkshakes; chocolate!
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