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Stuffed Great White Sharks and Plush Great White Sharks

You don't need me to tell you that owning stuffed great white shark or a plush great white shark is much more logical than owning a real one. Our stuffed great whites and plush great whites take up much less space and are 100 percent less likely to eat you if you take a nap with them. Sure, having a great white shark would be really cool but unless you own a giant aquarium you are much better off with a stuffed great white. Trust me, I've tried both and the plush great white has turned out to be much, much better. Plus, now I can take a bath without looking over my shoulder. Yeah, I kept my pet great white in my bathtub, where else would it live? The kitchen sink? Now that would be crazy! How would it even fit? Take it from someone who knows, settling for a plush great white or stuffed great white is not settling at all, it just makes sense.
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