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Stuffed Donkeys and Plush Donkeys

If you need a longtime companion ready to do some hard work then you need a donkey stuffed animal. Much like real donkeys, our stuffed donkeys and plush donkeys are ready to carry a heavy loads. Our donkey stuffed animals know that they follow in some big footsteps, uh, hoofprints since donkeys have been helping humans get things done for millennia. You'll have to choose your tasks wisely and keep in mind that plush donkeys have a different skill set than real ones. For example; do have a stuffed donkey keep you company. Don't have a stuffed donkey carry your bags on a mountain trail. Do have a plush donkey listen to bedtime stories. Don't have a plush donkey pull a wagon. See where this is going? Ok. Now, all of our stuffed donkeys and plush donkeys have attached tails. However, with the right creativity and a little restitching they could certainly be used for a 3D game of pin the tail on the donkey. To keep the integrity of your plush donkey it would probably be best to make a tail that sticks to the stuffed donkey with velcro or tape. If you create a game with one of our donkey stuffed animals we'd love to hear about it. Send us pictures or video if you'd like and if it's from a birthday party you can send the leftover cake too!
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