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Stuffed Dogs by Gund

At you'll find an amazing selection of stuffed dogs by Gund. Like all Gund products, these plush dogs are fantastically designed and built to last. The line of Gund dog stuffed animals includes the ever-popular plush version of Boo the world's cutest dog. With Boo as the flagship of the collection, the rest of these Gund stuffed dogs have a high standard of cuteness to live up to! Great news, they meet the challenge. Unique to Gund is the Designer line of plush dogs that includes popular and trendy mixed breed dogs like the Puggle, the Labradoodle, and the Cockapoo. If you haven't met Spunky the Stuffed Dog by Gund then please allow us to introduce you. This long standing character in the Gund dog catalog is available in all kinds of different styles, including the popular Huggybuddy baby blankets, with each style available in pink or blue. Spunky the Dog makes a great first time stuffed animal for any baby and, with the various styles available, is perfect for adding to puppy themed nursery decor. But wait, there's more! How about the popular Gund dogs Muttsy and Puddles? Soft. Fuzzy. Adorable. Yeah, those are definitely great additions to any stuffed dog collection. And then there's Jonny Justice. The 2012 Gund Top Dog contest winner with an amazing story and an irresistible plush likeness. Click on Jonny's photo to learn more about his history and the Top Dog contest. All of these dog stuffed animals by Gund are incredibly lovable and cuddly so no matter which one you choose, you're sure to pick a winner!
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