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Stuffed Chickens and Stuffed Roosters

Welcome to our stuffed chicken coop! If you need stuffed chickens and stuffed roosters then this is the place to be. It's full of chicken stuffed animals and rooster stuffed animals. We have plush chicken puppets, stuffed baby chicks, and lots of plush roosters. Our fun and adorable plush chickens are clucking with joy at the idea of making new friends. The plush roosters have been crowing like crazy to wake us up to the fact that they have places to be, places like your home. The plush baby chicks, well, they pretty much just peep a lot. It's what baby chickens do. On a baby chick's list of things to do you'll only find two things. Number one; peep. Number two; be cute. It's not an easy life but someone has to do it. Scroll down to choose the stuffed chicken or stuffed rooster that is right for you and we'll send it out right away. That way, the next time someone asks you why the chicken crossed the road you can tell them, 'because told it to!'.
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