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Stuffed Cats by Douglas

Stuffed cats by Douglas are simply purr-fect! One of Douglas' many specialties is creating high quality, realistic looking cat stuffed animals that are extra soft and huggable. Douglas stuffed cats are made with lifelike facial features and coloring with special attention paid to posture and shape to create the total plush kitty package. The care and effort put into each plush cat by Douglas is obvious from their little pink noses to the tips of their precious tails. If you are looking for a specific breed of plush cat, Douglas offers Himalayan cats, a Persian, and even a Maine Coon. They also have the more common types like plush calico cats, tabby cat stuffed animals, and, perfect for Halloween, stuffed black cats. Douglas stuffed cats range in size from eight to nineteen inches so no matter how much room you have for your plush cat collection you can surely add one of these fantastic Douglas cats to it. Besides, there's always room for one more stuffed cat! Below you'll find the entire line of Douglas stuffed cats which is sure to include the purr-fect plush cat for you.
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