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Stuffed Buffalo and Plush Buffalo

Anyone who has seen a buffalo up close knows why they are one of the most revered and respected native North American animals. Our buffalo stuffed animals do their very best to imitate these great animals and represent them in the homes and hearts of people everywhere. A stuffed buffalo first came into my life in 1985 on a family vacation to Yellowstone National Park. Staring out the window of a station wagon (remember those?) into a herd of buffalo created both fear and admiration in my youthful mind. Ok, so I cried a little. They're huge animals and a Buick station wagon doesn't quite provide the feeling of security that one might think. Through the tears I began to realize that these giant animals had no intention of stampeding our car and in fact were oblivious to us. They just wanted to eat grass and look awesome. As any child would, I had to have one. After some discussion and debate, I settled for a plush buffalo from the gift shop which I still have to this day. Somewhere. Probably in the basement in a box. Ok, fine. It's on my bed. Big deal. A buffalo stuffed animal deserves to be seen. Any one of our stuffed bison or plush bison would agree. These spectacular stuffed animals are ready to roam to your home so just say the word and we'll send a stuffed buffalo your way!
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