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Stuffed Axolotls and Plush Axolotls

Take one look at our plush axolotls and you'll feel like you won the axo-lottery! Stuffed Safari has a lotl of plush axolotls, but if you've never heard of these little creatures you might have a lotl questions. Axolotls are sweet little salamanders that spend their entire lives in the water. These amphibians are unique in many ways, but our personal favorite is their popular pink color and their cute little faces. Axolotls exist in many colors and sizes, but pink seems to be a fan favorite. Stuffed axolotls are not only snuggly and soft, but they bring a pop of color into your everyday life - because who doesn't need more cuddly color? And you wouldn't be able to hug a real axolotl since they're water-dwellers, so a plush axolotl is a much better choice to bring to movie night!
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