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Plush Finger Puppets

Our plush finger puppets are animals, literally! We have lots of different animal finger puppets ready to entertain and amaze but they can't do anything without you. A finger puppet is nothing without a master. Well, it's still an adorable plush animal but these finger puppets aspire to be more than just eye candy. Our finger puppets know that people love plush animals so they are fine with just lying around from time to time but they really shine when they are put to good use. Our plush finger puppets cover the entire spectrum of animals from bugs to dogs to pandas to flying pigs. You know the spectrum is covered when a flying pig is an option. Finally, the wait for pigs to get wings is over! Lots of parents are going to have to give that raise in allowance that they said would happen when pigs fly. Sorry moms and dads but it's time to pay the piper. If you're in a real hurry just type the name of the animal and the word 'finger puppet' in the search box and if we have one it will magically appear. For those of you with a little time to spare you can peruse the following pages to find the perfect plush finger puppet. Just remember, when you point with a finger puppet there are three fingers pointing back at you and there's nothing wrong with that!
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