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Baby Blankets and Animal Security Blankets

At we've got your baby covered, literally! Our plush baby blankets and animal security blankets are more than just blankies, they're also plush animal pals. Babies love blankets but when you add a cuddly stuffed animal head to a blankie they'll love it even more. The soft plush animal head adds a textured and squeezable element to the baby blanket that piques babies' interest and gives them something that they can hold on to. You'll find several of our security blankets have silky soft satin trimming or even complete satin undersides. The softness and varied texture adds to your new bundle of joy's potential enjoyment of the baby blanket. All of the stuffed animal blankets have embroidered features making them safe for all ages with no hard plastic eyes or noses that can fall off or become potential hazards. Our animal themed baby blankets and security blankets are great for decorating nurseries and can be paired with our other baby safe plush animals to complete the perfect animal theme. Click on the photos for more information on each baby blanket and feel free to call us with any questions. We understand that getting the best for your baby is of utmost importance so we're glad to help keep your baby safe, secure, and satisfied.
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