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Aurora Eco Nation Stuffed Animals

These Aurora stuffed animals are made from 100% recycled materials! That's right, you read it correctly. The Eco Nation stuffed animals by Aurora are eco-friendly, realistic and adorable. These sweet stuffed animals are made from materials that come from recycled plastic water bottles! Aurora World recycles millions of plastic water bottles during the process of making these sweet little friends, but you'd never know by just looking at them. These stuffed animals look cuter than you could imagine, but they have a sustainable secret behind their manufacturing that makes them almost too good to be true. If you've been on the hunt for a stuffed animal that's cuddle-worthy and easy on the eyes, but that also makes a positive impact on our environment, you've finally found the perfect collection of plush to satisfy your search. The Eco Nation stuffed animals all have embroidered eyes, recycled filling and outer materials, and they have no plastic beans inside. Even the tags are made of recycled materials! There's no unnecessary plastic involved. Finally, a collection of plush that gives you everything you could ask for in a stuffed animal - adorable, snuggly, made to last, realistic - and it's also sustainable! We're almost positive that these stuffed animals are the cutest way to reduce your environmental footprint. But if you somehow find a cuter way, please let us know!
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