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Platypus Stuffed Animals

Is there anything more uniquely adorable than a platypus stuffed animal? The bar for being different isn't just reached, it is set by these stuffed platypus and plush platypus! Read more.
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Stuffed Platypus & Plush Platypus at Stuffed Safari

Mankind struggled for ages to determine which animal was cuter, the duck or the beaver? Ancient tribes were disbanded, countries were divided, and tight-knit families were broken up over this raging disagreement. It looked like human history would come to an end due to the inability to agree on the duck or the beaver. Then, like a magical unifying force, the platypus came to the rescue of mankind. The battle between duck lovers and beaver lovers came to an end. The platypus stuffed animal was created in the likeness of the great unifying animal to celebrate this monumental discovery. People everywhere put down their weapons, set aside their differences, and embraced their stuffed platypus together. It was a platy-plush revolution. Peace ruled the land. Children were raised with plush platypus by their side to remind them to embrace the weirdness and to love each other. Then, one day, someone raised a new animal question. Who would win in a wrestling match, an elephant or a rhino? Platypus stuffed animals could not overcome this new divide but many people clung to them for security. Eventually the importance of the platypus stuffed animal in human history faded into folklore. On the plus side, an answer to the elephant versus rhino question was eventually agreed upon. Ask your dad or your uncle the question. They will tell you which animal would win that wrestling match. In the meantime, check out these plush platypus and remember that all differences can be embraced! Shop.