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Stuffed Triceratops and Plush Triceratops

The person that said good things come in three was obviously never on the business end of a triceratops' headbutt! Luckily, our stuffed triceratops and plush triceratops are stuffed animals so they aren't as inclined to challenge you to a headbutt contest. Little known fact, triceratops were terrible soccer players. They constantly popped the ball going for headers! That's why you'd never see a triceratops in a pair of Adidas. They almost always wore Converse. So if you're looking for soccer partner then a stuffed triceratops is not for you. If you're looking for a cool plush dinosaur then bingo, you just found some! Our selection of plush triceratops is built on a three point system. They all have three points on their head! Do you know a triceratops' favorite gum? Trident! Tired of 'three' jokes yet? One more. What is a triceratops' favorite sporting event? A triathlon! Favorite Star Wars character? C-3PO! Alright. Alright. That was two. Now wipe the tears from your eyes and enjoy these awesome stuffed triceratops and plush triceratops.
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