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Stuffed Tamarins and Plush Tamarins

Our tamarin stuffed animals are golden! Well, some of them are stuffed cotton top tamarins, and there's a stuffed emperor tamarin too, but we asure you that they're all worth their weight in gold. The stuffed golden lion tamarins make up most of our stuffed tamarin selection and come in many sizes and styles. These unique stuffed primates are cuddly, cute, and tons of fun. You'll love monkeying around with any one of these fantastic tamarin stuffed animals. If you know anyone that needs tree climbing lessons, these stuffed animals are highly skilled teachers and definitely know their way around a tree trunk. Tamarins are also highly active for up to twelve hours every day so be ready to keep busy when you are hanging out with a tamarin stuffed animal. They are going to make sure you get plenty of fun packed into each day and then sleep well at night. Scroll down to see all of our stuffed tamarins and plush tamarins and click the pictures to learn more about each one.
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