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Stuffed Stegosaurus and Plush Stegosaurus

With all of those plates on their backs it must have been hard for stegosaurus to find shirts that fit. A stuffed stegosaurus or plush stegosaurus won't have the same problem since neither one has to wear clothes. Wait, real stegosaurus didn't either? Hmmm. That makes sense. It would have been impossible to get pants over those pokey tail spikes. Anyway, a stuffed stegosaurus is what you're after and have you come to the right place or what? You'd think it was the plush Jurassic period around here. From the two inch looped stuffed stegosaurus by Wild Republic to the large forty-one inch stuffed stegosaurus by Fiesta and all spikey sizes in between, our stuffed stegosaurus and plush stegosaurus are sure to satisfy your urge for a great stuffed dinosaur. Good luck finding a shirt for it though!
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