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Stuffed Spider Monkeys and Plush Spider Monkeys

If you ever wished that you had a tail to help you swing around in trees then a spider monkey stuffed animal is right up your alley. Our stuffed spider monkeys and plush spider monkeys can show you a thing or two about swinging, hanging, and climbing trees. Having a tail that works like an extra arm would surely have its benefits. You could drink a nice cold lemonade while you played on the monkey bars. You could hold your stuffed spider monkey in your tail while you tossed a pizza crust. You would definitely win every game of twister with your awesome spider monkey tail. Until you grow a tail, having a spider monkey stuffed animal live out your fantasies for you is probably the way to go. Several of the stuffed and plush spider monkeys you'll find below have velcro hands so they can hang out with you virtually anywhere. These stuffed animals are ready for good times so get your tail in gear and get ready to let the good times roll with an awesome stuffed spider monkey!
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