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Stuffed Red Pandas and Plush Red Pandas

Red panda stuffed animals want you to know that just because they are often called 'lesser pandas' does not mean that they aren't just as cute and cuddly as panda bears. Our stuffed red pandas and plush red pandas are a little worried that you'll think that lesser means worse and it really doesn't. It just means smaller. A stuffed red panda will admit that it is smaller than a panda bear but it will never admit to being less! The problem is that they aren't even that closely related to panda bears they just share a name. Our red panda stuffed animals are their own group of animals, more or less. So now that you know that our plush lesser pandas are more than just spray painted or dyed panda bears how about scrolling down to see all of our fantastic stuffed red pandas. Some places give you more for less but at we give you more for lesser!
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