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Stuffed Orangutans and Plush Orangutans

Just because orangutans are the most solitary of the great apes doesn't mean that our orangutan stuffed animals don't make great companions. Our Stuffed orangutans and plush orangutans are perfect pals for people that love to hang out in trees, travel, or play games on computers. That's right, orangutans are so smart that they can play computer games. Our stuffed orangutans love to play in tree houses or lounge around on comfy limbs munching on tasty fruit. They also like to travel around looking for good trees to climb or for more tasty fruit. These stuffed animals just can't get enough fruit. They love it! Orangutans are the Jack Kerouac of great apes. They spend their afternoons wandering around and can make their nests in any tree. Choosing a plush orangutan for a travel companion makes perfect sense and is sure to add to the excitement and adventure of discovering new places. Whatever your plans are for you and your stuffed orangutan, you are sure to find a wonderful friend when you scroll down to see all of our orangutan stuffed animals. To learn more about each one just click on its picture. If you need any help, give us a call and we'll get you on the road to finding a great orangutan stuffed animal!
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