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Stuffed Lizards and Plush Lizards

The problem with keeping a big lizard in your backyard is that you just can't afford to feed it. Our lizard stuffed animals are the perfect solution since stuffed lizards and plush lizards don't cost a dime to feed. Below you'll find stuffed iguanas, a stuffed anole, stuffed komodo dragons, and stuffed geckos. We have realistic stuffed lizards like the Plush Komodo Dragon and cartoonish plush lizards like the laid back Cool Beans Iguana, both made by our pals at Wild Republic. You can find a gecko puppet and an iguana puppet from our friends at Folkmanis and some wonderful lizard stuffed animals made by Fiesta. If you like lizards then you'll love these stuffed animals. Click on the pictures to learn more about each plush lizard and give us a call with any unanswered questions you may have. We are always happy to help you find the lizard stuffed animals that you need to become the stuffed lizard king!
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