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Stuffed Lemurs and Plush Lemurs

Thanks to this great selection of lemur stuffed animals you won't have to go all the way to Madagascar to make friends with a lemur. Our stuffed lemurs and plush lemurs are more than happy to make the journey to your home. The stuffed ring-tailed lemurs are ready to groom and be groomed, as they love to do in the wild. After the grooming is done, doing a 'dance-hop' with the stuffed sifaka lemurs might be fun. Or maybe a game of lemur stuffed animal hide and seek. They are really good at moving silently through the night so they are experts at hiding and seeking. You can never hear them coming or going! You can see that there is a lot to do when you have stuffed lemurs and plush lemurs hanging around. We have several different types of lemur stuffed animals to choose from so that you are sure to find the perfect plush playmate. Scroll down to see them all and click on the pictures to learn more about each one.
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