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Stuffed Koalas and Plush Koalas

What did the hairs say to the scissors? Give up? Eucalyptus! Our koala stuffed animals love that joke. Nothing is more fun than a roomful of giggling stuffed koalas and plush koalas. They also like to be referred to as 'cool-alas' because they're so hip. Yeah, hip. A stuffed koala loves to be on the forefront of all of the newest trends in music and art. It's been a well guarded secret that the famous graffiti artist Banksy is actually a koala that escaped from the London Zoo. Ooops, it's not a secret anymore! Don't mistake the extreme hipness of our plush koalas for smugness. These furry pals love to share all of their interests with anyone and everyone. Acceptance is apparently the latest trend and our koala stuffed animals are definitely on the cutting edge of that one. If you want to be cool like a plush koala then you need to have an open mind, an open heart, and most importantly, open arms. Hugs for one, hugs for all! Click on the pictures to learn more about each cool koala stuffed animal or call us and we'll tell you all about them.
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