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Stuffed Hanging Monkeys and Plush Hanging Monkeys

Hanging monkey stuffed animals might be the best invention of all time. Some say it's the plow, some say the light bulb, others the cotton gin, but we all know that mankind could not flourish without stuffed hanging monkeys and plush hanging monkeys. Granted, we couldn't have stuffed hanging monkeys with velcro hands without velcro so that is pretty important too but it's what the brilliant inventor, Sir Monkey Hanger III, did with that velcro that truly revolutionized the way mankind deals with its existence. Sir Monkey Hanger's family worked for generations to develop the perfect combination of humor, cuteness, and functionality in a hanging stuffed animal until Hanger III finally came up with the hanging monkey stuffed animal. There were hanging tricycles, hanging chess boards, and many other prototype hanging toys before Hanger III took a trip to the zoo one fateful day. Seeing those monkeys hanging from the trees at the zoo changed his life and the lives of the countless millions of hanging stuffed monkey owners that would follow. For all this, we salute you Sir Monkey Hanger III, it's clear that you achieved your destiny and in doing so made life a little better for everyone on the planet. At this point in history, life without stuffed hanging monkeys and plush hanging monkeys is absolutely unimaginable.
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