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Stuffed Guinea Pigs and Stuffed Hamsters

Our stuffed guinea pigs and stuffed hamsters are squeak-tacular! Let's face it, a plush guinea pig and a plush hamster have one huge advantage over a real guinea pig or hamster; no cage. No cage means no cleaning and no odor when the cleaning gets put off for more important things, like doing anything else besides cleaning a cage. A plush guinea pig is just as cute as a real one, take a look at the adorable Genny the Stuffed Guinea Pig, for example. That's one fine plush guinea pig! A stuffed hamster can be super cute too, did you look at Brushy by Douglas yet? That little face is just begging for love and attention. Granted, you can't get our plush hamsters and plush guinea pigs to run on a wheel or roll around your house in a plastic ball to drive your dog crazy, but there are other, better ways to tease a pooch. So do your dog a favor and pick out one of our stuffed guinea pigs or stuffed hamsters. He'll thank you later!
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