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Stuffed Gorillas and Plush Gorillas

Venture deep into our tropical plush wilderness and check out these amazing gorilla stuffed animals. These stuffed gorillas and plush gorillas are looking for new troops to join. No, not boy scout troops. A group of gorillas is called a troop, silly. Although, a stuffed gorilla would make a great boy scout. They can use tools, find edible plants, and even learn sign language. These super intelligent primates are pretty much extra hairy humans so it's no wonder that people love them so much. You can laugh with your stuffed gorilla, be sad with your stuffed gorilla, or reflect on the past with your stuffed gorilla and your it will understand what you're going through. Just don't try to get your plush gorilla to do the dishes. They hate that. Just because a gorilla can make tools doesn't mean that it wants to eat with a fork. Why bother? And you don't want to push them too much because some of the tools they make are weapons. We carefully screen our gorilla stuffed animals to make sure that they aren't the fighting kind but, like people, every plush gorilla has its limits. Most of the time that limit is reached by forcing them to do dishes. Weird, I know, but it's true. Scroll down to see all of our great gorilla stuffed animals and click the photos to learn more about each one. You'll have a whole troop in no time!
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