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Stuffed Gibbons and Plush Gibbons

Did you know that gibbon stuffed animals love to listen to the Bee Gees? Make sure you have a copy of Saturday Night Fever ready to go when you get your stuffed gibbon. Plush Gibbons feel like they are the fourth Gibb brother whose contribution to the music wasn't so much musical or creative but simply inspirational. Our stuffed gibbons and plush gibbons think that inspiring people to climb to knew heights is very important. This is probably because gibbons are awesome tree climbers. They swing from tree to tree faster than any other mammal so taking a gibbon stuffed animal along on your next tree climbing adventure would probably be a good idea. They can give you tips and pointers and maybe critique your form so that you reach the height of your potential and don't have to spend your life going for the low hanging fruit. Stuffed gibbons and plush gibbons despise stayin' alive by relying on low hanging fruit. Now put on your platform shoes and get ready to boogie down with our fantastic and fun gibbon stuffed animals!
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