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Stuffed Foxes and Plush Foxes

There's a fox stuffed animal for everyone here at Our stuffed foxes and plush foxes are honest and trustworthy stuffed animals. There is not one sly fox to be found and they certainly don't have to be told not to swipe by Dora. The plush red fox puppets, however, will do anything that you want them to so we can not be held responsible for their actions. The way your fox puppet behaves is completely up to you. When you begin to look through our forest you will see each stuffed fox has its own charming characteristics that differentiate it from the other plush foxes. Some of the stuffed foxes are highly realistic, others are cartoonish plush foxes with large eyes, and others are completely unrealistic but super fun imaginings of foxes. It's safe to say that you'd never find a pink fox in the woods but you will find one here. Just let us know which stuffed fox you think rocks and we'll send it to you in a box. That way you won't have to eat your green eggs and ham alone ever again!
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