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Stuffed Deer and Plush Deer

Be a dear and have a look at our deer stuffed animals, would you? You'll see amazing stuffed bucks, adorable plush fawns, and cuddly stuffed does. Anyone who has traveled through North America knows that when you see a big group of deer like this you have to slow the car down and proceed with caution. The only caution you need to exercise here is to not let yourself be overwhelmed by all of the cuteness. Just like in nature, our deer stuffed animals come in many different sizes, from the six inch fawn finger puppet to the eight inch Chuck the Stuffed Buck to the two twelve inch deer Cuddlekins made by Wild Republic. With all of these different plush deer to choose from you'll need to put up your tree stand and get comfy because you might be here a while. The good thing is that watching deer in our virtual forest comes with all of the conveniences of your own home and you don't have to put on a bright orange vest. So sit back, enjoy your coffee, and take your time browsing through our deer stuffed animals until you find the one that is nearest and deer-est to your heart!
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