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Stuffed Crabs and Plush Crabs

Need a stuffed crab stuffed animal? We've got you covered. Our selection of plush crabs includes stuffed blue crabs, plush red crabs, and plush hermit crabs. You should have no problem finding the plush crab you have in mind since each stuffed crab is a little different, be it shape, color, or size. We have an amazingly fun full body hermit crab puppet made by the puppet pros themselves, Folkmanis, that is great for imaginative and creative playtime. Carefree the Plush Crab by Aurora is simply adorable and the stuffed hermit crab and stuffed blue crab made by our pals at Fiesta are stunningly realistic. Speaking of realistic, did you take a look Henry the Hermit Crab by Douglas? Did you have to look twice to make sure you were looking at a crab stuffed animal and not a real one? I bet that you did!
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