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Stuffed Cougars and Stuffed Bobcats

Everyone be very quiet, I think I hear stuffed cougars trying to sneak up on us! And look, they brought bobcat stuffed animals with them. Let's start with the stuffed cougars, or stuffed mountain lions, or stuffed pumas - whatever name you prefer to call them. How can one type of wild cat be called so many different things? Location! Location! Location! I don't think these plush North American wild cats are stalking us because they're hungry. Looking at them it is pretty obvious that they are looking to cuddle. Of course, I thought that about a real cougar once and let's just say it wasn't pretty. You can trust me on this one though. I'm around these plush mountain lions all day and they wouldn't harm a fly. As for the stuffed bobcats, well, they love cuddling too. Lucky for them there are people like you in the world that aren't afraid to invite stuffed wild cats into their homes. These bobcat and cougar stuffed animals would be lost without you! To learn more about our cougars and bobcats all you need to do is click on their pictures. Each one has a description with all the important stuffed animal information that you'll need to choose the best stuffed mountain lion or plush puma or stuffed cougar or plush bobcat for you.
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