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Stuffed Clydesdales and Plush Clydesdales

The beauty and majesticism of a Clydesdale is undeniable and our Clydesdale stuffed animals do their best to represent that. These stuffed Clydesdale and plush Clydesdale are fantastic in their own right, and much easier to keep in your bedroom than the real thing! Imagine sharing your bed with a Clydesdale . Good luck getting any blankets. Now, imagine sharing you bed with a stuffed Clydesdale . Is that nice or what? A plush Clydesdale will never hog the blankets. Granted, it won't pull your wagon either but that's why they put hitches on trucks. A stuffed Clydesdale will have lots of fun pulling imaginary wagons and plows for you and doing other fun activities. Plush Clydesdale can provide hours of hard, imaginary work. Scroll down to pick out a great Clydesdale stuffed animal and click on each photo to get more information. Oh, one more thing, you never have to worry about a stuffed Clydesdale stepping on your toes!
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