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Stuffed Chipmunks and Plush Chipmunks

This is the place to fill your cheeks with chipmunk stuffed animals! You can load up on stuffed chipmunks and plush chipmunks to make sure that you have plenty of cute stuffed animals to make it through the winter. Nobody wants to be the one that slacked off all year and winds up without a stockpile of stuffed animals. You'd have to be nuts to risk running out of plush chipmunks! Just like a chipmunk, you need to be prepared and we're here to help you. Our selection of stuffed chipmunks features a variety of sizes and styles that can't be beat. We have two different plush chipmunk full body puppets and even a chipmunk finger puppet. Every puppet show needs a chipmunk, if you ask me. You can choose a more realistic stuffed chipmunk like the Chipmunk Conservation Critter by Wildlife Artists or a cartoonish plush chipmunk like the Stuffed Chipmunk Wild Watcher by Wild Republic. Either way, you'll be sure not to run out of cuddly stuffed animals for a very long time when you come to!
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