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Stuffed Black Panthers and Plush Black Panthers

Our Stuffed Black Panthers and Plush Black Panthers have a secret that they would like to share with the world. You may want to sit down for this one. It seems that these black panther stuffed animals are not panthers at all. Black panthers are actually large wild cats with a special genetic color variant that makes them black! I told you that you should sit down. These black panther stuffed animals could be jaguars, or tigers, or leopards, or even possibly cougars depending on where they live. Our stuffed black panthers want you to know that they never meant to hide their true nature and they hope that you still think that they are great stuffed animals. The way they see it, a black panther is a black panther even when it is a jaguar. Besides, people are the ones that decided to give them their own special name so it really isn't their fault. If you love black panthers then you probably already knew this about them. If you didn't know, then now it should be obvious that our black panther stuffed animals are even more unique and special than you thought!
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