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Stuffed Baby Rattles and Plush Baby Rattles

Babies love making noise, it's like they were born to do it, and we love making babies happy. Our stuffed baby rattles and plush baby rattles are all animal themed rattles that keep babies smiling all day long and occasionally well into the night. Sorry moms and dads. These plush rattles are baby safe of course, meaning they have embroidered features, are wire free, and are either machine or surface washable. That peace of mind should surely make up for the late night rattle marathons that we contribute to! Our plush baby rattles come in many different sizes and types of animals, from puppy dogs and elephants to hippos and giraffes, so not only will babies love them but parents working on themed nurseries will be able to mix and match and decorate accordingly. Everyone wins at! You can read more about each rattle by clicking on its picture or simply give a call and we'll do our best to answer any questions you might have about our stuffed baby rattles and plush baby rattles.
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