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Stuffed Animals for Babies and Toddlers

Several factors make these stuffed animals fit for babies and toddlers. Most, but not all, of these baby safe stuffed animals have embroidered or stitched facial features while others have lock washer eyes for safety. The eyes, noses, and mouths of our baby safe stuffed animals can not be pulled, chewed, or yanked off by busy babies. Our baby safe stuffed animals are also wire free and, with the exception of the soft toys meant to hang on cribs or strollers, have no strings and short tails. The hanging items generally have a plastic clasp for the stroller or crib and are intended for supervised usage. Let's face it, when you're a baby or a toddler, pretty much everything you do is supervised. It's hard to get very far without a pair of loving and watchful eyes joyfully taking in everything you do. All of our baby safe plush animals are either surface washable or machine washable as well because things tend to get a tad messy when young children are involved. Each item below has it's specific age and washing recommendations included in it's description as well as measurements and other useful information for adults. Babies seem to ignore that part and make their decisions based solely on the pictures. Luckily they have great adults around them to supervise and make sure that they get the best baby safe stuffed animals and plush animals!
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