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Save Our Space Stuffed Animals and Plush Animals

If you're interested in lifelike and realistic stuffed animals then Save Our Space is the brand for you! These plush animals are designed with the utmost attention to detail and finely crafted to represent the real animals. Stuffed animals by Save Our Space typically come in three size options from eight or ten inches all the way up to the fantastic jumbo stuffed animals that measure 26 inches long. Focusing mainly on rain forest, jungle, and desert wildlife like red pandas, chimpanzees,and okapi, Save Our Space has also begun creating wonderful North American wildlife like the adorable Raccoon Stuffed Animal. While they do offer common styles like plush elephants and lion stuffed animals, SOS is one of the only manufacturers that produces uncommon and fascinating animals like the elephant shrew, the pika, and the capybara. If you know what those are then you are sure to fall fast in love with the stuffed animals by Save Our Space! You won't find any traditional teddy bears here, SOS leaves that up to the other manufacturers. What you will find is an excellent array of wild animals fantastically represented in plush form. Save Our Space stuffed animals are for nature lovers, collectors, and kids that prefer the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet over Nickelodeon or the Cartoon Network. Scroll down to see this wonderful collection of plush animals and be prepared to be amazed!