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Large Stuffed Horses and Large Plush Horses

Whoa horsey! If you're looking for a large stuffed horse then you've wandered into the right section of our stuffed animal farm. These big stuffed horses are going to require a big pasture to play in so make sure that you're ready to put up some extra fencing. Legend measures approximately forty inches long and is the biggest plush horse that we have. It is big and bulky enough to use for a pillow or to sit comfortably on while you watch old Mr. Ed episodes. Desperado and Paint, the super flopsie horses by Aurora both measure a slightly smaller twenty-eight inches. That's still a large stuffed horse, as are Zoe and Natches, the big stuffed horses made by Douglas. These two measure about twenty-seven inches long and are made for having fun. Douglas makes another large stuffed horse named Sage the Super Paint Horse. Sage measures thirty-six inches long and features a less bulky body than either Legend or Apollo. All of these large stuffed horses are high quality plush horses that should last a very long time with the proper care. Simply click on each photo to get more information or give us a call if you would like to know more about any one of our large stuffed horses. They're truly large and truly amazing!
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