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Full Body Plush Animal Puppets

Our full body plush animal puppets are the total package! These animal puppets don't leave anything to the imagination, they leave everything to it! Creativity comes to life when you put one of our plush animal puppets into action. You'll find story telling abilities that you never knew you had and probably a few voices that you never imagined you could pull off. Bedtime stories become bedtime productions that kids will never forget when they are brought to life by our full body plush animal puppets. Anyone can read a book but acting out the story with the appropriate animal puppet is high art. Once you've had a little practice books can become a thing of the past as you begin to create your own stories and tall tales. Class projects and school plays become even better when they include talking animal puppets. I think we can all agree with that. How about a business presentation? Try presenting last month's numbers to the board with a plush animal puppet. Hope you like the title 'Vice President'! Our full body animal puppets can take you to places you've never dreamed of but they can't do anything sitting on our shelves. Time to take your destiny in your own hands, yes there will still be room for destiny even when you're holding an animal puppet, and get your puppet show on the road!
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