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Fiesta Big Eyes Stuffed Animals

Introduced in 2013, the Fiesta Big Eyes stuffed animal collection is full of adorable plush animals that represent all different aspects of the animal kingdom. There are wild cats, African animals, farm animals, aquatic animals, and a lone wolf. And my, what big eyes that wolf has! The Big eyes stuffed animals by Fiesta are posed in seated positions, except for the aquatic animals of course. It's hard to be posed in a seated position when you don't have legs! The Big Eyes plush alligator isn't sitting down either, this time it isn't the lack of legs, it's the tail. That tail also makes the alligator the largest of the Fiesta Big Eyes stuffed animals. It measures fourteen inches long from end to end. The four aquatic animals measure twelve inches long and the sitting Big Eyes stuffed animals are nine inches tall and about six inches wide at the base. They're an armful of cuddliness! Their big eyes and soft, huggable bodies make the Big Eyes stuffed animals wonderfully unique and lovable. Try pairing a Fiesta Big Eyes with its corresponding Fiesta Lil' Buddies for a great set of stuffed animals. Any of the Big Eyes stuffed animals would be glad to have a little buddy to look after and any stuffed animal lover knows that two stuffed animals are always better than one!
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