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Aurora Sweet and Softer Stuffed Animals

Aurora's line of Sweet and Softer stuffed animals is made with an amazingly soft plush fabric that is one of mankind's greatest achievements! The silky and smooth texture of the fabric will amaze and delight anyone that comes into contact with a Sweet and Softer stuffed animal. This delightful fabric is only the beginning though. Sweet and Softer plush animals are perfectly stuffed for hugging and snuggling tight at bedtime. Their bean-weighted bottoms keep them posed in sitting positions during those rare times when they aren't being scooped up and held tight. Once you hold a Sweet and Softer stuffed animal you'll understand where they get their name. So, why sweet then? Well, take a look at those adorably pudgy bodies, the little round eyes, and the short little legs and arms. If that's not sweet then nothing is! Sweet and Softer plush animals also have individual characteristics like Heddie the Hedgehog's pointy nose or Squiggle the Squirrel's big, bushy tail that make each one uniquely sweet in their own way. Available in all sorts of popular animal styles, from farm animals to wild animals and even a preciously sweet husky, there is sure to be a Sweet and Softer plush animals for everyone. There are even baby safe Sweet and Softer elephants, available in pink or blue, so that the youngest animal lovers can enjoy the pleasures of snuggling a Sweet and Softer stuffed animal. So what are you waiting for? Isn't it time for your life to get a little Sweet and Softer?
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