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Signature Stuffed Animals by Aurora

Time for a reality check! Signature stuffed animals by Aurora are lifelong treasure made with impeccable attention to detail and the finest plush fabrics. Each Signature plush is hand cut, hand sewn, and hand shaded to create the exquisite features that make this line of premium stuffed animals so impressively beautiful and lifelike. This collection of North American wildlife, exotic animals, and jungle dwellers showcases the vitality and spirit of each animal and focuses on bringing out the characteristics that make these animals universally revered and respected. Included with every piece is a faux leather branding tag and a hand-stitched booklet that tells the story of the Signature brand as well as including an illustration and in-depth description of the specific animal. This informative tag provides interesting facts about the animal's habitat, lifestyle, and history. Signature plush animals are produced with animal lovers in mind and designed to be admired and adored for years to come. Already highly dedicated to making top quality stuffed animals using top quality materials, Aurora has raised the bar for what is possible in the world of plush with the unique and impressive Signature Collection.