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Aurora Shoulderkins Stuffed Animals

Have you ever thought that your stuffed animals weren't portable enough? Or maybe you've always longed for a secure way to attach your favorite stuffed animals to all kinds of things? Well check out the Shoulderkins stuffed animals by Aurora and prepare to be amazed! Shoulderkins are small, adorable stuffed animals with magnetic pieces in their bottoms, and separate magnetic bases so you can attach them to tons of things! Just place the magnetic base underneath the shoulder of your shirt or maybe even on the underside of your hat, and then plop the shoulderkins stuffed animal on the other side of the fabric and it'll stay right where you placed it. How cool is that? So if you've ever wanted to spruce up an old hat by putting a cat on top of it, now you don't have to sew your favorite stuffed cat onto that hat. You can grab a Shoulderkins stuffed animal and have hours of fun by attaching it to all kinds of things!
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