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Miyoni Stuffed Animals by Aurora

What's Miyoni mean? We're not sure but we know it's a fantastic line of realistic stuffed animals by Aurora! Miyoni stuffed animals come in all of the most popular jungle and domestic animals as well as many North American animals. Most of the Aurora Miyoni plush animals are available in eight and eleven inch sizes with some available in sizes of sixteen inches or more. Starting at just $8.99, Miyoni animals are a real bargain when you consider that they are made with superior materials and exquisite attention to detail. The Miyoni line really focuses on excellent coloring and shaping to effectively recreate the wild and domestic animals that we all love so much. Looks aren't everything though, they are also durably built to last a long time so you can enjoy your Miyoni animal for years and years. Durable is nice, but we are talking about stuffed animals so, most importantly, these animals are super soft. The plush fabric used in their production is simply delightful. Released in 2012, the Miyoni line continues to grow with several additions in 2013 and more expected in the years to come. There are several mother and baby stuffed animals in the Miyoni line as well as two large, eighteen inch bears that are simply amazing. This beautiful collection of stuffed animals has something to offer for everyone, from the avid plush collector to the professional cuddler with a room full of favorite stuffed animals. We might not know what the word means, but we definitely know that a Miyoni stuffed animal by Aurora is top notch and we're sure you'll agree!
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