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Aurora Flopsie Stuffed Animals

An awesome stuffed animal is just a flop, click, and a ship away! Aurora Flopsie stuffed animals are medium sized plush toys, typically measuring about twelve inches, that come in all kinds of species and are all extremely adorable! Flopsies are Aurora's primary line of stuffed animals and are all thoughtfully designed, extremely durable, and downright irresistible. Their name comes from their bean-weighted bodies and soft, huggable stuffing. Each Flopsie stuffed animal has double-bagged beans in their feet, bellies, and sometimes in their bottom if they're posed in a sitting position. These bean bags give them their signature floppiness. It wouldn't make much sense to call them Flopsies if they were stiff and rigid would it? Of course not! Flopsie stuffed animals also have lock washer eyes as an added safety feature. So now that you know what's on the inside of the Flopsies, what about the outside? That's the important part, right? Flopsies come in all kinds of different animals. From dogs and cats to jungle animals, farm animals to aquatic animals, and even a peacock, there's a plush Flopsie for everyone! They are typically designed with happy expressions and realistic coloring. Some of them, especially the stuffed dogs, lean more toward a realistic styling while others forgo extensive detailing for a more playful appearance. The Aurora Flopsies line of stuffed animals is consistently one of the most popular styles of plush year in and year out, not just here at, but everywhere in the world! Several new Flopsies are released throughout the year so if you don't see a Flopsie in the style you are looking for, check back often and chances are that you will find the perfect Flopsie stuffed animal for you. Also, check out the Mini Flopsies and Super Flopsies to find great companions for your new Flopsie stuffed animal by Aurora!
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