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Itsy Bitsy Stuffed Animals

Itsy Bitsy Stuffed Animals by Wild Republic make the perfect plush pocket pals. This line of small plush animals is sized just right for the animal lover that likes to keep moving. Itsy Bitsies measure about five inches so you can take one, or several, with you wherever you go. You probably can't take your entire stuffed animal collection with you to the park but if you have some plush Itsy Bitsies you can stuff them in your pockets or backpack and hit the road. That way, when you get there, you have some companions on the slide or tire swing. A wise traveler has to be prepared for anything, including playtime. Stuffed Itsy Bitsies also come in handy for first time adventures, like the first day of school or flying in an airplane, that might be a little scary without a trusty sidekick. Itsy Bitsy stuffed animals will be there with you just in case you need a little help facing your fears. Itsy Bitsies come in all different types of animals, from an alligator to a zebra and lots of animals in between. Different situations can call for different stuffed animals so it is wise to keep a few plush Itsy Bitsies around to choose from when you are planning your day's activities. You could show up at the water park on a hot summer day with a polar bear but a dolphin would really make much more sense, and have a better time! Again, it's all about being prepared, and Itsy Bitsy stuffed animals give you a chance to be ready for anything. These soft and adorable plush pocket pals have got you covered!