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The Heirloom House, Toys - Retail, Springfield, IL
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Stuffed Pigs and Plush Pigs

You didn't think our stuffed animal farm wouldn't have a pigpen, did you? Of course we have tons of pig stuffed animals. Stuffed pigs and plush pigs in all sizes, styles, and price ranges make our plush pigpen one of, if not the, best on the internet. If you love stuffed pigs then you're really going to love this great variety. It's not just pig stuffed animals either. You'll find plush pig puppets and even a snoring plush pig in our pigpen. Know somebody that really brings home the bacon? We have lots of plush piggy banks that will be perfect for them. This pigpen has a little piggy for everyone. There's a stuffed pot bellied pig and also a stuffed hampshire pig that add even more variety to this great collection of pig stuffed animals. They're terrific. Radiant. Humble. Why take my word for it? Put on your boots, grab your slop bucket, and jump right in. These stuffed pigs and plush pigs are ready to show and they can't wait to hear you say, 'that's some pig!'
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Percy the Plush Pink Pig by Aurora Pig with Wings Finger Puppet by Folkmanis Puppets Small Plush Pig Lil Buddies by Fiesta
Wobbly Bobblees Pig Stuffed Animal by Aurora Buttons the Little Plush Piglet by Douglas Yogi the Little Plush White Pig with Brown Spots by Douglas
Melvin the Little Plush Brown and White Pig by Douglas Leroy the Little Plush White Pig with Black Spots by Douglas Rouge the Floppy Plush Pig by Douglas
Realistic Stuffed Pig 8 Inch Plush Animal by Aurora Stuffed Pot-bellied Pig Mini Cuddlekin by Wild Republic Curly the Puffy Plush Pink Pig by Douglas
Pork Chop the Plush Pig Stage Puppet by Aurora Floppy Friends Pig Stuffed Animal by First and Main Piggolo the Stuffed Pig by Aurora
Stuffed Pig 12 Inch Tubbie Wubbie by Aurora Pickles The Plush Pig Dreamy Eyes Stuffed Animal Little Pig Hand Puppet by Folkmanis Puppets
Baby Noahs Ark Plush Pink Pig with Embroidered Features by Aurora Pigasus the Stuffed Pig with Wings by Aurora Dark Pink Pigasus the Stuffed Pig with Wings by Aurora
Percy the Sweet and Softer Pig Stuffed Animal by Aurora Snortster the Taddle Toes Pig Stuffed Animal by Aurora Pauline the Little Plush Spotted Pig by Douglas
Clarice the Plush Spotted White Pig Hand Puppet by Douglas Realistic Stuffed Pig 11 Inch Plush Animal by Aurora Sue the Beanstalk Bunch Stuffed Pig by Aurora
Realistic Stuffed Wild Boar 10 Inch Plush Animal by Aurora Pauline the Stuffed Pig with Winter Scarf by Douglas Pinky the Plump Plush Pig Pampered Pets by Aurora
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