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The Heirloom House, Toys - Retail, Springfield, IL
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Stuffed Beagles and Plush Beagles

Stuffed Beagles and Plush Beagles

Stuffed Beagles and plush Beagles are great companions and have been shown to be excellent trackers of plush rabbits. Beagles are intelligent and have a great sense of smell and if you use your imagination just right Beagle stuffed animals can be trained to track pretty much anything or even help you with your math homework. There is no limit to the things a plush Beagle can do if you just put your mind to it! We offer a stuffed Beagle keychain by Wild Republic that is great for keeping track of your keys and two sizes of realistic stuffed Beagles by Aurora that require a little less imagination when your are tracking pretend rabbits. Bernie the Plush Beagle by Douglas is also very realistic and is about the size of a real Beagle puppy. All of our stuffed Beagles and plush Beagles are amazingly adorable and are sure to satisfy the beagle fanatic in your life.
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Homer the Stuffed Beagle Dog by Aurora Sniff the 5 Inch Plush Beagle Mini Pup by Douglas Paws and Claws Stuffed Beagle Puppy by Wild Republic
Bob the Little Plush Beagle Puppy by Douglas Realistic Stuffed Beagle 8 Inch Plush Dog By Aurora Dellwood the Standing Stuffed Beagle by Douglas
Buddy the Stuffed Beagle Flopsie Plush Dog by Aurora Realistic Stuffed Beagle 11 Inch Plush Dog By Aurora Realistic Stuffed Beagle Puppy 10 Inch Plush Dog by Aurora
Balthezar the Stuffed Beagle by Douglas Bernie the Plush Beagle Puppy by Douglas
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