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Taggies Stuffed Animals and Plush Taggies Toys

Taggies, you're it! Our taggies stuffed animals and plush taggies toys are amazing interactive toys that stimulate and soothe babies in a variety of ways. These amazing soft tag toys have textured silky ribbons that babies love to rub and touch. Taggies are also visually stimulating with different patterns, colors, and prints on each tag. Some of our Taggies stuffed animals also make stimulating sounds when their ears, hands, or feet are held and rubbed. The facial features of our plush Taggies toys are embroidered and their filling does not contain plastic pellets, ensuring the utmost safety for babies. Several of these plush Taggies toys are machine washable which makes things a little easier on parents. Just run them through the washer and allow them to air dry and they are ready to get back to playing and snuggling. All of these important features are included in the product descriptions found by clicking on the photos below. Originally created as interactive security blankets, Taggies have expanded to the Taggies stuffed animals and plush Taggies toys you'll find here and have become an integral part of countless children's early childhood development.