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Switch-A-Rooz Reversible Plush Animals

Check out this unique line of reversible plush animals by Wild Republic! Trust us, we can explain! Switch-A-Rooz are turning the stuffed animal world inside out and upside down, literally. Each Switch-A-Rooz plush animal can be turned into another animal by simple folding it into itself. That's quite a trick! The days of choosing between two stuffed animals are finally behind us. You don't have to have either a plush fox or a plush owl, you can have them both at the same time in one cool reversible stuffed animal. This revolutionary design also means that Switch-A-Rooz take up half the space of normal stuffed animals so you can have twice as many animals and still have space left in your room to do the Boogaloo! Kids still do the Boogaloo, right? They will when they find out how fun they can have with these Switch-A-Rooz plush animals. Besides sharing a soft and cute plush body, Switch-A-Rooz by Wild Republic also share their personalities. For example, Sly the fox and Screech the owl are both a bit mischievous. That's why each Switch-A-Rooz plush animal has a BFF with a complimentary personality that can help them out in any situation. So, how are you supposed to know which animals are BFF's? Well, first of all, we're glad you asked. Pull up a chair and we'll tell you how it all works. Each stuffed animal has a special symbol that matches up with their BFF. So Bandit the raccoon and Pao the red panda have matching symbols, complimentary personality traits, and are BFF's! Make sense? When you receive your first Switch-A-Rooz reversible stuffed animal it will be attached to a cardboard circle with your new animals' symbols and information on finding their BFF's. It's a very complex network of BFF's so be prepared to do a little research and collecting. It is very easy to lose yourself in the Land of Rooz, where friends come in twos! Speaking of twos, there are two styles of Switch-A-Rooz too. They come in realistic styles like Sly the fox and fantasy animals like Jelly the pink elephant. The fantasy animals have large, sparkly eyes to go along with their bright and unique colors. Are these reversible plush animals amazing or what? There are twenty-four different Switch-A-Rooz stuffed animals and you can find them all here at!